More positive reviews. Period.

Easy for you. Easy for your customers.

DuoGrow makes it One Click Easy to ask for and receive a powerful stream of positive reviews for your business. Your Positive Review count will soar, and any negative reviews will be buried!

Your ‘Secret Weapon’ for Online Reviews

“One Click Easy” is the key to success!

Your Clients/Customers are much more likely to leave you a positive review when you make it ONE CLICK EASY for them!

  • From your Review Profiles Page, it’s just ONE Click, and BOOM, straight to the review.
  • You can turn profiles ON or OFF depending on your needs.  Ex., if you have LOTS of Facebook reviews, but not enough Google reviews, you can turn Facebook off for a while until more Reviews are concentrated with Google.
  • You also have the option to include ONE Click links to your Social Profiles directly in your email request to your Customers

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REVIEW GUARDIAN protects you!

Turn on Review Guardian, and your customers will be pre-qualified before being taken to the Review site. *Review Guardian can be turned on or off.

  • Customer is shown a YES/NO choice, and asked ‘Would you recommend this business to family/friends?”
  • If they choose YES, then they’re taken in One Click to leave you a good review. GREAT!
  • If they choose NO, they DO NOT go to leave a review, but instead they are taken to a questionnaire where they can tell you about their negative experience. The business owner receives an email, and has a chance to contact the Customer and make things right.

Review Guardian prevents bad reviews, and helps you make things right with Customers who are not happy.

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Your Branded Review Profiles Page

As part of your DuoGrow account, you get a FREE custom URL and a FREE SSL Certificate for your Review Profiles Page.

  • The Review Profiles Page serves as a central location for your Clients/Customers to easily find the links to your Review Profiles with the major review sites.
  • DuoGrow automatically helps your Clients/Customers to this page, and from there, it’s just one click away to leave you a positive review with Google, Facebook,Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc…
  • Your Clients/Customers don’t get frustrated trying to find the right place… they don’t slow down at all… just straight to the review!

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Enter email addresses in seconds

You or your employees only need to type/paste in email addresses, and DuoGrow takes over from there!

  • Your client/customer will receive an email (which you can optionally customize) that will shortcut them directly to your Public Feedback Page, and just a few clicks later, your positive review will be in the bag.
  • As a business owner, you’re busy, and you don’t have time to send out review request emails, follow up, send a thank you email when a review is left, etc…
  • DuoGrow does all this for you automatically, but you can 100% customize everything, so even though it’s automated, it feels natural to your Customer!

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Email Requests & Follow-up Reminders

Clients/Customers are automatically emailed and later reminded when their email address is added to the system.

  • Emails contain direct review links & a link to your DuoGrow Review Page where all your Review Profile Links are displayed
  • Everything is ‘One Click Easy’ for your Customers or Clients
  • If they forgot to take action after the first email, a reminder email is automatically sent to gently nudge them again.
  • Your clients/customers will receive an automated and professional thank you email when they leave a review.
  • Everything happens automatically, so you don’t have to think about it!

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Read how DuoGrow has helped businesses like yours get easy and fast reviews.

In the few months since I started using DuoGrow, the number of 5-star reviews I’ve gotten has increased dramatically! Worth every penny!

Morgan K.

Incredibly reasonable price, and it does what it says. DuoGrow helped my business more than any other tool I’ve used.

Kevin J.

Have been a DuoGrow user for a long time, so trust me when I say you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else on the market that can improve your online reputation as effectively as DuoGrow.

Beth C.

Just signed up for DuoGrow and I’m never going back! Within the first day of using it I already had 3 new positive reviews on my Yelp page, and 2 on Facebook! They just keep rolling in!

Alex P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use DuoGrow if I already have business pages on Facebook, Google, etc?

DuoGrow doesn’t replace your existing online business pages. Instead, DuoGrow helps bring all of these profiles into one place, allowing you to easily request reviews and endorsements from your customers and fellow business owners, all from one area!

What online business listings does DuoGrow integrate with?

You can link your Google, Facebook, Yep, and TripAdvisor to your DuoGrow account, making it very easy for your customers to leave you reviews via any of those avenues.

Is it difficult to link my online business profiles to DuoGrow?

Nope! The whole process takes just a few minutes, and then you can immediately start requesting reviews and endorsements from your customers and fellow business owners.

Is it easy to sign-up for DuoGrow?

Yes! Sign-up takes less than five minutes, after which you will receive an automatic welcome email. From there you can finish setting up your account, and you can be sending out review requests in a matter of minutes!

How do I sign up?

You can get started with DuoGrow immediately by registering here:

What do I need to do once I sign-up?

After registering, you will receive an automatic welcome email. From there you can finish setting up your account, including linking your online business pages, and you can be sending out review and endorsement requests in a matter of minutes!

Do I have to download/install anything?

Nope! The beauty of SaaS software is that it is all browser-based, which means no downloads, no installations, no worries about running an “outdated” version. When you login to DuoGrow, you will always be accessing the latest version, and you’ll never have to worry about installing or updating the software yourself (leave that to us).

Can I ask people to review my business?

Yes! This is the core of DuoGrow. Simply input your customer’s email addresses into your DuoGrow account, click “Submit”, and we’ll take care of the rest! We send your customers an email with a request to leave you a review, which includes a link to your DuoGrow Public Profile page. From there they can choose where they want to leave the review (Google, Facebook, etc), and in a few clicks they’re done and the review is posted!

Do customers need a DuoGrow account to leave a review?

They do not! The only account(s) a customer might need is for the particular site where they choose to leave a review (such as Google Plus, Facebook, Yelp, or TripAdvisor). Some of those sites allow non-logged-in “guest” reviews, where some others require the reviewer to be logged-in.

Will DuoGrow notify me when someone reviews my business?

Yep! You will get an automatic notification whenever you receive a new review or endorsement. Additionally, your customers and/or fellow business owners will get a thank you email after they leave a review or endorsement!

Is DuoGrow easy for customers to use?

Definitely! They don’t need to create any special DuoGrow account to leave you a review, and your Public Profile page makes it easier for them to see all of your online business pages. They can choose which one they want to use, and within a few clicks they’ll be looking at your business listing and leaving you a 5-star review!

What if someone leaves my business a bad review?

Bad reviews, whether warranted or not, are unfortunately a fact-of-life in the internet age. The purpose of DuoGrow is to make it much easier for your happy customers to leave positive reviews, helping to boost your online reputation, with the side effect of pushing down and “drowning out” any negative reviews that may exist.

How do I get other businesses owners to endorse my business?

It’s as simple as inputting their email addresses into your DuoGrow account, and clicking “Submit”! From there, we send them an email with an endorsement request, including a link to your DuoGrow Public Profile page. The link will take them directly to where they need to go to rate your business and give you an endorsement!

Does DuoGrow work on any device?

Yes! DuoGrow was designed from the ground-up to be responsive, so it is fully functional on devices of all shapes and sizes, from a desktop computer, to a laptop, to a tablet, to a smartphone.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted, with payment processing being handled through Stripe.

Is there help documentation?

Yes! You can view a Quick Start Guide here:

Are there any hidden fees/costs?

Nope! All of the features we advertise are included in the flat $59/year fee.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely! All of the data you enter in DuoGrow is transferred via 256-bit SSL encryption (the same level of security used by most banks), and all data is stored on HIPAA and EU Privacy Shield compliant servers.

Simple Pricing – Only $59/year

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