Get MORE Positive Reviews!

Leaving a review for your business is a technical challenge for many clients/customers

EASY for you & EASY for your Customer!

All you need to do is enter their email address – it takes less than 10 seconds – we do the rest!

“One-Click Easy”¬†

Get more positive reviews

It couldn’t be any easier!

Enter email addresses in seconds

You or your employees only need to type/paste in email addresses, click Submit, and DuoGrow takes over from there!

Your client/customer will receive an email (which you can optionally customize) that will shortcut them directly to your Public Feedback Page, and just a few clicks later, your positive review will be in the bag.

Your Public Feedback Page is the Magic

As part of your DuoGrow account, you get a FREE custom URL for your Public Feedback Page.

The Public Feedback Page serves as a central location for your clients/customers to easily find the links to your Review Profiles with the major review sites. Just one click away from leaving your a review with Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc…

They don’t get frustrated trying to find the right place, they don’t slow down at all… just straight to the review!

“One Click Easy” is the key to success!

Your clients/customers are much more likely to leave you a positive review when you make it DROP DEAD EASY for them!

Check out the video below

Thank you emails are sent automatically!

Your clients/customers will receive an automated and professional thank you email when they leave a review.

If they forgot to take action after the first email, a reminder email is automatically sent to gently nudge them again.

Everything happens automatically, so you don’t have to think about it!

Great pricing & easy setup! Get started now!